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The Holy Bible

Developer BiblePath

Computerized version of the King James' translation of the Bible. It features several interesting features, like pictures ...

Logos Bible Software

Developer Logos Bible Software

Logos Bible Software is a program that brings you Bible study tools on your PC. It contains massive ...

Bible Seeker

Developer Ragan Lockette

Reading Bible gives user peace and makes him feel pious. But at same time, it sometimes becomes difficult ...

Free Bible Dictionary

Developer Media Freeware

Are you a religious person? Are you interested in reading Bible? Well, no matter you are religious or not, if you ...

BibleMax Fausset Dictionary Reference

Developer BibleMax

BibleMax software featuring Rev. Andrew Robert Fausset's Bible Dictionary. This important work is written in a ...

Arabic Holy Bible Dictionary

Developer MediCAD Multimedia Co.

Dictionary of the Bible

Developer Mobile Systems

PocketBible Tyndale Bible Dictionary

Developer Laridian

Tyndale Bible Dictionary is designed to make the Bible more meaningful and understandable. It is your comprehensive guide to the people, places and ...

PocketBible Easton's Bible Dictionary (EBD)

Developer Laridian

Easton’s Bible dictionary was published in 1897 and it has around 4000 entries on words and other important ...

PocketBible New Unger's Bible Dictionary (NUBD)

Developer Laridian

PocketBible Hitchcock's Bible Name Dictionary

Developer Laridian

PocketBible New Bible Dictionary (NBD)

Developer Laridian

The New Bible Dictionary is a reference work ideally suited for people of all ages and backgrounds. This magnificent and comprehensive Bible ...

PocketBible Tyndale Bible Dictionary (TBD)

Developer Laridian

Smith's Bible Dictionary

Developer Bible Explorer

This Bible Explorer module features the Smith's Bible Dictionary, which is one of the most comprehensive and ...

Easton's Bible Dictionary

Developer Bennie Blount Ministries